Manifold System is a desktop GIS program, which in addition to the GIS related functions, contain many drawing and CAD functions. This makes Manifold System a strong alternative to both ordinary GIS systems and CAD systems, who typically are weak on the opposite functionality. Manifold System is a hybrid GIS/CAD program.

On top of that, Manifold System is a much cheaper alternative. Other products typically costs from $500 and up, but Manifold System costs only $245 (excl. handling) ! But this is not the only advantage.

In contrast to all other desktop GIS products, Manifold System includes a complete IMS (Internet Mapping Server) without additional cost!. This makes it extremely easy and safe to publish ones desktop prepared map data on the web, as it is exactly the same program that services both purposes. The data is setup with Manifold System as a desktop program, and the web publication is done with Manifold System as the mapping service behind a web solution. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

The company behind Manifold System,, doesn't have a widespread reseller network. The software are typically purchased online, and paid for by credit card. GisPro can act for you if you want to purchase Manifold System. This may be relevant to persons or companies, who maybe doesn't want to trade online by themselves, or maybe want to purchase additional support from GisPro in setting up and using the program.

Please contact GisPro on this address if you're interested in Manifold System.

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