GisPro clearly recommends using PHP for webGIS purposes.

GisPro utilizes PHP to a broad extent for its own purposes, and as a consequence has achieved a high degree of competence with PHP. PHP is very easy to start out with, and compared to ASP, it's more readily feature rich wrt. almost all application needs.

PHP is the supremely most popular scripting language for web development among private and smaller companies. This means that it's relatively easy to find people capable of maintaining a PHP based solution. ASP based solutions usually cost more in maintenance due to both higher software and higher personnel costs.

PHP is firthermore Open Source, which means that it's available on both Windows and Linux platform, whatever is preferred. PHP is also more widespread in use in various webhotels, making it cheaper to find hosting for ones solutions. GisPro uses such a webhotel, B-One, which is recommended highly.

Unfortunately no webhotel allows use of external function modules, so GIS usage here is still in the future.

Sea also the description on Open Source GIS on this page.

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