GisPro has a year long exprience with MapInfo development on the highest levels. This covers both MapBasic and MapX/MapXtreme development. No MapInfo problem is too small or too large for GisPro.

Solving problems in MapInfo Professional is not done solely in MapBasic. GisPro has been working for a long time "fusing" MapBasic with the Windows environment, making it possible to develop very advanced solution, covering e.g. real-time and networked applications. This has been achieved primarily with Visual Basic.

A web solution is not always the better solution, as these often tends to be very spartan content wise. Solutions based upon "runtime" versions of MapInfo Professional can often be built and deployed faster, resulting in both positive experiences and results. This can be achieved by utilizing MapBasic or Visual Basic, or a combination of both. GisPro can advise you to find the most optimal solution, regardless of whether it's a desktop or a web solution.

GisPro can help you get the most benefit out of your MapInfo investment. GisPro can help you streamline troublesome work processes, educate the users, and overall improve the efficiency in your GIS usage.

In short, GisPro can help you with all problems wrt. MapInfo products.

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